Maelstrom karaoke night

On Monday 7th February 2022, maelstrom wanted to hold a karaoke night as it was one of the explorers was turning 18. we also did some light painting.

Maelstrom science and technology

Maelstrom have been working towards their science and technology badge , we have being researching different weather and how to read weather maps. We have used the weather maps  we got from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) satellite, using…

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Maelstrom is back

On Monday 12th April, maelstrom held its first night back, we treated the explorers to a BBQ. It was great to have you all back  face to face. We was also joined by 4 new explorers.

Big Quiz Monday 22nd March 2021

Maelstrom have put to together a Big Fat quiz to end lockdown 3.0. everyone is invited, look out for the link in your inbox,Why not join us to say good bye to scouting over zoom (hopefully). 🙂

Maelstrom Monday 8th

Monday 8th March Maelstrom will be learning how to navigate by stars over zoom,