Presentation night

Once again we will be hosting our annual presentation night at The Fitzwilliam Arms at Parkgate. As always the main stars of the night will be you, Explorers. All year David has been collecting video clips of you doing what you do best, having fun and now it’s time to see who made it into the film review.¬† The plan is to arrive by 7pm ready for the review. We will of course have our silly awards so if you have any ideas, any photos that you think are funny then send them in. After the raffle¬† (free raffle) we will have a buffet before dancing the night away and I challenge you all to learn the Jerusalema dance (It was played at the last presentation night but we didn’t know the routine, lets see if we can master it this time).

If you want a reminder of the details, please download the activity form below and stick it on your fridge.

Activity Information Form – Presentation Evening 2024