1. Work for at least five days (on at least two different occasions) at a Group, District, County, Area or National Scout Activity Centre or campsite, helping the warden or manager however they need you.
  2. Explain the maintenance needed for essential campsite equipment. Do a demonstration, if possible.
  3. Explain and, where possible, demonstrate four of the following:
    • Make a booking for someone wanting to use the site.
    • Show how to restore a camping area after use, including sowing grass.
    • Show how you prevent pipes freezing during the winter and what steps to take when pipes burst.
    • The importance of having clean toilets.
    • Chemicals – what to use and how to use them safely.
    • How to unblock a drain and prevent further blockages.
    • The need for good site drainage and keeping ditches clear.
    • How to dispose of refuse and use an effective recycling system.