Is there an activity you’d really like to do more of? If you have the highest level of any of the badges, the Activity Plus badge could be your next big challenge.

Your leader can award it if you have done really well in an activity. Your leader can also award you if you’ve tried hard and done more than what was expected of you.

You can also earn the Activity Plus if you’ve taken something on even though you don’t have the best facilities available.

To earn an Activity Plus badge you need to:
  • Hold your chosen activity badge
  • Agree a target with your leader before going for the Activity Plus badge. It might mean you have to take part in some more training or practice to help you learn more
  • Show your leader that you have met your target
Here are a few examples of targets for Explorers:
  • For the Climbing Plus, attend training for the SPA or CWA and continue to develop your climbing skills for an agreed period of time.
  • For the Fundraising Plus, raise a further £500.
  • For the Skiing Plus, achieve the Snowlife Ski Award level six or above.
  • For the Paddle Sports Plus, gain the BCU Paddle Power Explore levels 8 and 9, or the BCU Paddle Power Excel.
  • For relevant Plus badges, gain a personal or leadership permit, or an NGB qualification for the activity.

The only activity badges that are not included in the Activity Plus for Explorers are Athletics and Athletics Plus.