There are two options you can choose from to achieve the Chef activity badge.

Option 1:

  1. Plan a full, balanced menu for a group of Explorers or other people on a residential experience covering all meals for at least four days. You should consider what facilities will be available to you – will you have access to a full kitchen or are you cooking on an open fire?
  2. Budget for your menu and assist with shopping for the ingredients.
  3. Demonstrate proper storage and cooking. You should demonstrate your knowledge of hygiene in the kitchen and how to prevent food poisoning.
  4. Cook and serve your planned menu, demonstrating preparation and serving skills.

Option 2:

  1. Bake and cost the following from scratch – no packet mixes or pre-made shop bought ingredients allowed:
    • Three different large cakes (20cm or bigger) with different icings and decoration, using techniques like rubbing in, creaming, melting and whisking
    • A sweet or savoury tart, such as a quiche or a tarte tatin
    • 12 iced and filled cupcakes
    • 12 biscuits, iced using the flooding method
    • 12 scones
    • A loaf of bread using yeast
    • 12 flatbreads
  2. Demonstrate how planning and preparation can make life easier when baking
  3. Maintain high standards of hygiene You can gain two Chef badges by completing both options.