1. Identify and organise a fundraising initiative for one of the following:
    • The Scout Association, to help promote and grow your local Scout group, Scouting nationally or both
    • Another UK registered charity of your choice
  2. Find a compelling message – a short reason you can communicate to potential donors about your chosen cause. It must be inspiring and clear in order to raise the most money.
  3. Use social media to promote your fundraising initiative.
  4. Set a fundraising target and a date to raise it by. We suggest a minimum of £500.
  5. Call on others to help you and form a fundraising team. Motivate and inspire them to encourage others to donate.
  6. Prepare a short presentation about your fundraising challenge and submit it to the members of your local Executive Committee or your leader, covering:
    • The cost versus the amount raised
    • How you used social media and reached outside your own immediate network to garner support
    • Three top tips that could help other fundraisers