1. Complete three of these activities:
    • Spend three days living on food that costs no more than £2 a day. Share with others about how it went including a top tip for cooking meals with so little money. This could be a discussion, blog, video diary.
    • Visit a homeless shelter, foodbank or other social enterprise in your local community and consider the challenges faced by homeless people and what factors lead to homelessness.
    • Explore various media sources to find information about migration and immigration. Review what you find and discuss your thoughts and feelings about the information and how this issue is perceived at a local and global level with your Unit.
    • Individually or as a group compare youth issues in the UK with the same issues in another country, such as voting age, access to education or youth services. Discuss with your Unit.
    • Deliver a game or activity to others about a global issue that you feel passionate about and explore what small action you could take to have a positive impact on that issue (sign a petition, write to your MP, raise awareness).
  2. Reflect on the three activities you have completed and consider how each has contributed to the Global Goals and what your next steps could be.