Mission 3 Worksheet

Take the section’s programme ideas to a programme planning meeting.

This mission should include:

  • Asking the young people in the section to contribute their ideas to the programme
  • Capturing the ideas and suggestions from the young people and exploring how these could be incorporated into their programme
  • Attending and contributing to a meeting (eg programme planning meeting, leaders’ meeting, District, County/ Region or Area meeting)

To complete this mission, you could:

  • Attend a section planning meeting
  • Plan and run a meeting (eg section planning forum or running activities from the YouShape resources)
  • Decide who should attend a meeting and invite them along
  • Organise and run a forum for the young people in your section, gathering their ideas and suggestions, and feeding these back to the section leader
  • Organise for someone to take notes, minutes or points of action
  • Plan and run the Sixers’ or Patrol Leaders’ forum, ensuring that the young people in the section understand how they can input their ideas into the section programme
  • Any other ideas, subject to agreement with the ESLYL and SL