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Gilwell 24 - 2018

Bookings are now closed for this event, if you still wish to go please contact Peter or Dave who will add you to the reserve list.

Please DO NOT use these payment options unless you are paying off a balance or have been instructed to book via Peter or Dave.

Latest update

Final Payment - 8th June 2018

Please ensure your balance is paid no later than the 8th June 2018 ho help us pay for the transport to Chingford. Our prefered method of payment is the website this make things a lot easier for the admin team to process, alternatively if you prefer you can pay by cash or chq direct to me, Michael (Chef) by the above date, please do not give this to your leader as it take too long to get to me and process and the additional cost on the volunteers driving it to my house.

Paperwork Completion - Saturday 23rd June 10am-12am - Broxholme

In addition to the paperwork you have filled in online or by paper copies, Gilwell have additional paperwork that needs filling in to ensure you / your explorer can participate in many of the activities down there. i can not stress enough how important this is. in the past we have had lost of missing information only for the explorers to be disappointed while on the event. This will take no more than 10-15min of your time, I thank you now in advance this makes our life a lot easier.

Fund Raising

Gilwell 24 is an assisted funded event and we have a couple of fund raising events to help with keeping the costs down if you could ensure you make every effort to attend the fundraising we would be most grateful.

T-Shirt Sizes

Gilwell 24 provides a different colour T-Shirt every year this is one of the highlights of the event 

the sizes are 

Small 34/36

Medium 38

Large 40/42

XL 44/46

XXL 48/50


we need T-Shirt sizes by the 7th May 2018 so we can let G24 know and order 

please respond to this email or by Text if Texting please text you name and size to Michael (Chef) 0781704721

Many thanks more info to follow 

G24 Leadership Team

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